Dan North on Agile & Architecture.

I know he has a natural Charisma and superb witty humor that makes him a nice presenter but thats not the reason I like him so much. I have never had so much common thoughts with another developer / manager about software development.

Here are my two most fav presentation by Dan North , if you are interested in Full Software Development Lifecycle, Agile , Architecture, you are going to love it (or hate it if you have been practicing waterfall for last 20 years):

1 . Simplicity, The Way of the Unusual Architect (Have you heard about ‘YAK Shaving’ ? if not, you must see this!!! I insist!)

2. Keeping Agile Agile

You can find many more presentation here:


Did I mention they are not just boring tech presentation, you will laugh out loud a few times…have fun 🙂

Android for Java Developer

I have been developing small applications on android platform for last 4 months or so. What started as a hobby / plaything has become an important part of my day Job now! When I look back, I can see I have worked with almost all major components of android: Async work, Services, Wake locks, GPS, Alarm, REST etc.

And here is what I am trying to say “ITS REALLY EASY & FUN !!!”. Infact its so much fun that you wouldn’t even realize you have read 400 pages of books / 100s of articles without even knowing it! It is also one of my most favorite frameworks beside Spring where you get to see cool designs , great sample applications and lots of quality documentation.

Just grab the CommonsWare books and a 400$ android device(Optional, the emulator will do for the starters) and you are good to go!