Sun’s Garbage First Collector : do I have to buy it!

Those of you who are involved in real time application development surely have suffered from the unexpected GC pause time. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to tune my Heap generation spaces, playing with new generation / old generation size , GC algorithms etc. I had my eye on the Sun’s Garbage First Collector. Basically it is the replacement of the old CMS (Concurrent mark sweep) collectors and can be extremely useful for large heap low latency applications. I just read this article which suggests sun is going to make this commercial !!! I wonder whether the Oracle acquisition is revealing its true nature! One of the main reason why Java is still my favorite platform (I am falling in love slowly with dynamic languages like Ruby, Erlang,! you can do magic with them !l!) is because of its solid and open VM. If sun moves away from its open policies, I wonder if Java will become the legacy language in near future????!!!.

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