What I liked most about Erlang as a functional language

Erlang comes with all the built-in concurrency and distributed programming support which will blow you away if you are familiar with distributed systems. However, I will save that talk for some other day. If you see erlang as a pure functional language, it is really powerful! And among all functional languages I’v played with (javascript, php, ruby), one thing I looooooved about erlang is that it is a compiled language! Coming from java background, I become really pissed when program fails for silly syntax error!

I have this feeling that the future languages will become more and more like erlang. With all the multi-core processors, thats the way to go! Only thing I don’t like about it is that the syntax is more like mathematics and less like a language. Again, coming from java background, I might have become too comfortable with more descriptive language. Time to get out of the comfort zone!

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