Will scala become obsolete with java 8?

I have been investing a lot of my free time in Scala lately. Although I have been injecting groovy heavily in all my projects whenever I get a chance, I miss the safety of Type system (too much java does that to you).

Even though I had some previous Erlang experience and background knowledge of Actor Model, I must admit Scala has a steeper learning curve than I thought.It requires significant time and energy invested before you can do anything useful with it. I can imagine I’d have a hard time if I wanted to push it to a team of java devs. On the other hand, Groovy is too easy to adopt, you write your java code in a script and in no time fall in love with the power of functional language with Java goodies in your hand.

That brings the question in my mind, will scala be obsolete with java 8? A lot of scala goodies will face serious competition with java 8. Developers will eventually adopt those feature sooner or later if they want to keep their job but I don’t see mass adoption of scala. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving scala and no doubt its an elegant language but I don’t see it as a successful complement language of Java with java 8 in the picture. On the other hand, I can imagine myself doing all my scripting / hacking jobs in Groovy as a replacement of my broken perl skills.

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