My Journey with Mule

Stage 1 : Drag & Drop, Enterprise Integration Patterns , Oh So Cool!!

Stage 2 : What the ****  $$$!!!??? IDE Sucks, weird behavior , silent xml config alteration ….How can anyone work on this!!! Going back to my core java apps…

Stage 3 (Used to all the quirks of Mule Studio) : Hmmm…I see the point..not so bad after all !!! Just built an entire state machine system app with DB integration / HTTP & TCP Endpoints in 90 mins!

Stage 4: Wait, they hid all the cool features in EE edition 😦 … I am supposed to debug my app only with log messages!! Thats almost as bad as the time when I used to write EJB code! hmmmm….start looking for alternative? How is that spring integration project coming along? 

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