SumoShell – Become a shell ninja

Have you ever seen sys-admins doing awesome grep / awk queries and been amazed by it? Now you can do so too and in a much easier way!

A few months ago, I was writing some parser in sumologic and thinking this is so powerful, I wish I could run it on a regular text file. Well, I got a notification from google about sumoshell today.

And wait for it………they open sourced their parsing engine.

What you can do with it? Wonders!


Here are some examples from their blog:

sudo tcpdump 2>/dev/null | sumo search | sumo parse "IP * > *:" as src, dest | sumo parse "length *" as length | sumo sum length by dest | render




tail -f logfile | sumo search "ERROR" | sumo parse "thread=*]" | sumo count thread | render-basic



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