NeoPhobia & Docker

Back in 2004 when I was starting my career, I read something about ‘NeoPhobia’ in Kathy Sierra’s blog. NeoPhobia is avoiding something new. Details:

And we tend to be NeoPhobic in learning new things  by making excuse about it. Most common excuse?: ‘We dont need to learn about it because its not good enough for us’..We technologist do it all the time. We do it to save ourselves from the trouble of learning about it. Remember how many people didn’t like Git and wanted to stay in SVN?

I try to watch out and try not to be a NeoPhobic in terms of technology, but every now and then it creeps in! I remember installing Docker back in 2013 and playing around with it. To be fair , docker wasn’t as smooth back then and the experience was not good enough. But still , I discarded it as a viable tool.

Fast forward 2 years and I was forced to look into docker again (Because of licensing issue, we had to run multiple microservice mule container in same server but still wanted isolation)…And my opinion? Its a crime not to know / use docker , and I have been committing it so far!!!

Even if you don’t run multiple containers in production , don’t have  needs for virtualisation, you MUST learn docker. Within my first week of learning docker, I am already using it for so many things. Don’t know a thing about NPM and still want to run a Node server ? Want to test 5 node hazlecast cluster in your mini laptop but dont have enough processing power? Limited by Mule licensing and deploying all your microservice in one container with no isolation?  Look no more..Docker is your friend!